Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Lay Down, Allergy Shots, Tortilla Pizzas, Haircuts and Other Stuff

So I was pulling my hair up today whilst getting ready for work, and I noticed that one side was longer than the other - I started pulling it back a new way this weekend and the discrepancy in length was definitely noticable and disturbing. So I got to work and asked two of my co-workers about the length. Both said it really wasn't that noticeable and was probably caused by pulling the longest part of the hair on one side back, but I was having none of that. I had one of those cuts where it is shorter in the back and comes to point on both sides in the front. In retrospect, my face is really too full for that cut and somebody should have told me long ago, but oh well, the problem has now been corrected.

I promptly picked up the phone and made an appointment at a new salon for a haircut. I love it when Bob is around and I have something to do after work because that means I can have a good excuse to have him pick up the kids - so I e-mailed him, and not only did I make the deal for him to pick up the kids, but I also finagled a meal by master pizza chef Bob. He makes delicious tortilla pizzas. We go to the local Kroger that has a tortillaria (we are in Texas you know). He gets the fresh just baked tortillas and then prepares all of the toppings and we all come in the kitchen and make our own personal pizzas - yum, yum.

So anyway - I went to the salon, got a fresh new cut - I'll post pictures another day - not many pictures of me get taken because I am always behind the camera. When I got home, Bob was working in earnest on getting all of the ingredients out for the pizzas. We made pizzas, cooked and ate. Then I cleaned the kitchen while he finished eating his pizza and gave Emily a bath.

Later, I was in the kitchen giving Bob his allergy shots (no I am not a nurse, but if I don't do it, he puts them in his stomach - the sight of which stresses me out - so I have become shot administrator)....okay back to the story - I am giving the shots and it is eerily quiet. I had given Emily her sippy cup of milk before starting the shot administration, but she had wandered off to parts unknown and was not making any noise. This phenomenon is always sure to strike panic in the heart of a toddler's parent...so I started looking for her.

I peeked around the corner into our bedroom and this is what I found...

Emily had placed her sippy cup on the coaster on my nightstand and she was just laying in my bed quiet as a church mouse watching television. I had to turn on the light and get closer to take the picture, so she starts patting the spot next to her, which is technically my side of the bed, and tells me to "lay down" - How Cute!! Of course, Bob leans over and tells me that this is a sure sign that she has decided to take over our room and our bed - I wondered for a moment if we actually were in the jungle and if Emily had become the Alpha Lion, but then I just shrugged that thought off and took more photos - Bob can be so silly sometimes.

"Lay down" has become one of Emily's favorite commands for both humans and Maisy alike. Another favorite is "get up" which comes out sounding like "gee up". She likes to use that one when I am in my office typing on my computer - translation, come out here and read to me or look at me while I play dolls or dance. Another favorite is "sit down" which comes out sounding like "see down". She uses this one to lure me into a chair so that she can crawl in my lap and give me a book to read to her.

Well just a little peek into our day. Now I had better run and "lay down" - good night.


Georgia said...

Hey!!! I found the blog. Yeah, me!

More pictures!!!

Jennifer said...

The pizza sounds yummy! I want to see the haircut!
That eerie quiet - I'm all to familar. Glad she was just in there being all cute instead of getting into something! She is so stinkin' adorable! Oh, and Caleb is too! They both look so much like you!