Monday, November 10, 2008

Well, here we go...

Okay, so I have gotten more and more into this blog thing - it started with a cousin - I would keep up with her and her family by reading her blog - I'm telling you, sometimes it's like a novel that you can't put down. Now I found an old college friend and was reading through her blog - so I made a decision - I will have a blog of my own. I can't promise how successful I will be - I mean I already have a full time job, two kids, a husband and a dog - but I am going to give it a whirl. I know that my parents will enjoy it since they live almost a thousand miles away. No big promises here, we will just see how it goes.

So I guess let me start with the introductions - I am Elizabeth - mother to two wonderful kids, a newly acquired miniature schnauzer puppy and wife to Bob. We live north of Dallas, Texas - we are Texas transplants, originally from Georgia - both of us military brats. But I will say that Texas is the most like home I have ever felt aside from my college days spent in the North Georgia mountains. I am an examiner for an insurance company - same employer for almost 14 years - straight out of college and I have never looked back - why mess with a good thing I say. I love to scrapbook and stamp (when I can find the time). Of course, that naturally leads to one of my other hobbies - photography. I also love to read and generally keep everyone in the house in line and semi-organized. And I have a super group of girlfriends - you can't have too many good girlfriends in my opinion - I'm sure you will hear more about them as this blog goes along. Oh, and one more thing - I love football - the Dallas Cowboys and the Alabama Crimson Tide.

There is my husband Bob - he is 10 years my senior and has two kids from a previous marriage, Leia and Chris - Leia is 21 and Chris is 19. I believe Chris is still trying to find his path in life - Leia goes to college off an on - more off than on for my taste - but that's another subject. They both live in Georgia. Anyway, back to Bob - he finished college and went straight into the restaurant industry - that has been his home for the last almost 24 years. We met in the gym, back when I was in shape - our first date was to the 1996 Olympics - he took me to a soccer match and lost the car - another subject for a later post. I will say it was pretty close to love at first sight for me, and I am still smitten. We had just shy of two whirlwind years of dating and married in 1998. Now here we are ten years later and we still love each other (most of the time anyway).

Our first child is Caleb - he's almost eight, in the second grade and plays every sport you can name. He loves football, basketball and baseball. We gave soccer a spin, but I don't really think he got caught in the current soccer craze. He just finished his first year of tackle football, is signed up and getting ready to start basketball practice and we will be registering for baseball in a couple of weeks - - - whew!!! He is a sweet boy - and very loveable. I am sure you will get to know him more and more as this blog goes on.

My second born is Kyle - he was full term and stillborn - I went into labor and at some point during that process, his heart stopped beating - so we say he was born an angel. I knew him only in my belly and wish so badly that I could have known him on earth, but God had other plans. I can't say that I understand those plans, even sitting here a little over three years later, but I have made peace with it.

My third (and last) child is Emily - she is a spitfire - words cannot describe her. She is almost two and most decidedly, the boss. I don't know what else to say. She loves to dance and she is very pleased at our recent puppy acquisition, for now there is someone in the house smaller than her that she can boss around - and boy does she? She is prone to tantrums, loves to wipe her nose, is obsessed with shoes and purses, and smiles endlessly.

The final member of the household is Maisy Daisy, the aforementioned Schnauzer that Emily is so fond of bossing around. We are still working on housebreaking and today I discovered that she does not like to go outside to use the restroom in the rain - much to my chagrin at 5:45 a.m., but she is really a sweetheart and I think she is going to make an awesome addition to the family.

So I guess that completes the introductions. I guess now all that is left is the frequent (hopefully) posts filled with news and adventures from our little corner of the world. I hope you enjoy, and maybe I can make some new friends along the way.


Pam said...

I enjoyed your blog and I'm looking forward to many more to keep up with you guys. Dad and I will enjoy it.

Jennifer said...

Welcome to the world of blogging! I loved your intros. Can't wait to read more! It can be quite time consuming - the very reason I go days or even weeks sometimes without blogging. But I really am trying harder to blog more regularly! Hopefully you'll be better at it than I am!