Tuesday, January 20, 2009

No, I Actually Have Not Fallen Off the Face of the Earth

Well, yes I am still here. So sorry to be absent - the holidays were quite crazy and event filled. But as I promised, I do have photographs of the Thanksgiving platter and the Christmas platter to post. Actually, as a little back story to the Thanksgiving platter, Jeanean called me on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving to let me know that they had opened the kiln to find my precious platter broken in half. I was a bit disappointed because I was planning on using the platter on Thanksgiving day, but oh well, things happen.

Of course, Jeanean was ready with several solutions to include offering to have her artist repaint the whole thing for me. But to me, the important part was the painting it myself, so she came to my house with all the materials and printed the kids again and then left the plate with all the brushes and supplies that I would need to complete it. Caleb and I did go over there the Tuesday before Thanksgiving and paint the Christmas plate and it turned out wonderful. In fact, when I saw the Christmas platter with the clean white background as opposed to the sponging I had done on the Thanksgiving platter, I decided that on my Thanksgiving redo I would leave the sponging off - so all in all, I think everything turned out for the best. So here they are, the debut of my Christmas and Thanksgiving platters......


Sames said...

Beautiful platters. You have very good taste. Are you an artist. Here, in Brazil we do not see this a lot. :)

good night and sleep well.


Jennifer said...

Glad to see you're still around!
Those platters are awesome! I really need to take Ruthi and do something like that - she would have so much fun! Glad you shared them!

JenGMomof2Boys said...

those platters are adorable!